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Hi there chook… My name is Scotty and I am the Chief Chicken Officer of the EggShed… Please listen to this short video, to see the magic we create… we would love to attract your pledge to this worthy cause.

Ex-Battery Hen Rescue | Pathway to Employment for the Homeless

#EggShedRangers #HensHelpHumans

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Welcome to EggShed

The EggShed is a conglomerate of Social Enterprises, kind people and Registered Charities; designed to provide a second chance for hens and humans.

We are on a mission to save lives and make a difference to creatures who want to be more creative and express themselves.

Here is how we are set-up…

By working with ‘Fresh Start for Hens’ and the ‘Kings Arms Project‘ the EggShed provides a very simple and effective framework for vulnerable chickens and people; to become part of a community and rediscover their purpose on Hill Farm.

Firstly ex-battery hens are rescued from slaughter and provided a free range life, and an opportunity to recover from their trauma and ultimately learn how to be a chicken again.

These beautiful and grateful ladies then start producing eggs once again (funny that after a bit of care we start to create again – just like humans)

From the sale of our superior eggs, cash goes back to the Kings Arms Project to support the Night Shelter and other educational courses and care programmes… Kaboom! That’s the magic!

Reciprocity in a pure form. #HensHelpHumans #EggShedRangers

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You can simply donate as much as you wish by clicking the button below… All proceeds go to helping rescuing more hens and delivering our superior eggs to the community.

Or if you would like to make a ‘Pledge’ towards a specific project click here to see the gifts and surprises on offer.

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