Become a ‘Founding Member’ of the EggShed…

Special Plaque

We are on the search for 975 wonderful human beings to become a ‘Founding Member’ of the EggShed…

Our ‘Founding Member’ Crowdfunding Campaign is set-up on GoFundMe and is attracting a lot of attention. 

The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to grow our flock up to 500 ex-battery chickens and provide a pathway to employment for the homeless.

#HensHelpHumans #EggShedRangers

You can Pledge just £20 to become a Founding Member and receive a lovely certificate and discounts forever. 

Or how about Pledging £75 and naming a chicken? Yep that’s right you can name a chicken and become a founding member. 

Or if you really wanted to go to town why don’t you Pledge £150 to not only be a Founding Member but also an honorary EggShed Ranger and a Plaque mounted on the EggShed? 

Click here to Pledge your support and to become a Founding Member

Special Plaque

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