EggShed Rangers Cohort #1 – Very Special Times


It happened – we did it – we created our own little piece of history!

The Eggshed Ranger Cohort #1 arrived at Hill Farm on March 10th in a mini bus and with a look of excitement and fear about what was going to happen over the next couple of days

This was the first time we were able to put the kettle on, welcome people into a huddle and get chatting about what we wanted to create and achieve.

I started the day with setting the scene about WHY we want to do what we do… and describing the ultimate goal of helping rescue more hens; whilst helping humans be able to express themselves in a safe space and become an EggShed Ranger

Happiness can be defined as “progress towards a worthy goal” and thankfully the whole group rallied behind the ethos and started to add value to the team and the community.

The yard was buzzing with people encouraging each other, exploring different options, learning new skills, problem solving and ooozing with confidence and charisma – We knew we were on to something special. This group of special people where so focused on the goal of releasing the x15 ex-battery chickens (we saved with the help of Fresh Start for Hens) at the end of the second days work and on having fun whilst doing it!

We split into x2 groups. The first being responsible for building some nesting boxes from old shipping crates, and the other group sourced an old shed to up-cycle it to become a big chicken coop (or an EggShed). Progress was sure and steady, a few mistakes were made and lessons were learnt. We all kept on moving towards the common goal of releasing those chickens.

Showing the chooks getting released

At the end of the final day the nesting boxes and EggShed were complete and moved into position, right in the middle of a huge paddock, with long fresh green grass and views over the North Bedfordshire countryside.

TBH when the ex-battery hens were taken from the stables and moved up to the paddock it all got a bit emotional as it pulled people closer together; we all started to realise that we were doing something much bigger than ourselves. We were adding value to these chicken’s lives, helping them to recover from their trauma but also helping be safe, secure and happy.

We knew these chickens would go on and recover and start laying superior eggs. These eggs get sold to the local community who then in turn are helping the Kings Arms Project’s pathway to employment and the night shelter.

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